Value in Crisis - A Must-Know for Professional

Why is This Relevant to You?

The majority of the workforce receive their salary on a monthly basis, and this is an underappreciated fact. However, most of them typically do nothing with the money deposited in the bank, thinking they are saving their money faithfully.

Here is a reality check. At 3% per annum inflation, $1 deposited in the bank will only be worth $0.98 in 6 months. While some will decide to invest their money, finding the right instrument to combat inflation might also be a challenge considering that there is no way to manage investments while they’re busy at work or spending time with their families.

At this point in time, markets are experiencing a downturn, with plenty of undervalued investment opportunities. How can regular people take advantage of these circumstances, given their unique cash flow habits? This programme aims to take care of these gaps and accelerate their retirement through a disciplined allocation, and finding the right instrument to meet their needs.

Learn These KEY Points by the End of This Session

1. Lifestyle Financial Savviness

  • · There is a stress free way to money management!

2. DIY… Or Not?

  • · You are the best person to make an investment decision… Or Not?

3. Indulgence Can Help Make Us Rich

  • · Can anyone spend more to save more?

4. Pay Less Get More To Protect Our Money

  • · Chances are, you are overspending, stop that now!
About the Speaker

Melvin Seetoh started his career in the financial industry in 2011. Being a Relationship Manager in a leading bank gave him insights into what the mass affluent and affluent segments of Singaporeans have at their disposal to make them better off financially.

However, his revelations for financial planning only came when he joined a financial advisory in 2014. Since then he has evolved his business model from sales into a training platform where he reaches out to various companies and networks through a platform called InMIF.

Currently the Chief Analyst and a Speaker for InMIF, Melvin has found his passion in education to the PMETs of Singapore. He hopes that his efforts will further expand the reach of quality and practical tips to increase financial literacy and savviness throughout Singapore and the region.


InMIF has shared their priceless and value knowledge in groups from 4 main channels -

HR Seminars

Kerry Logistics

Changi Airport Singapore




ST Engineering



Public Seminars


Civil Service Club

Financial Growth Summit (Asia)

Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union

Investment Seminars and Groups


Zochwell Group

Asia Plantation Singapore

Value Investing Summit


Millionaire Investor Programme

Value Growth Workshop

Property Investment Programme


Corporate Tie Ups

Vestor Realty


Colin Tan Training International

Singapore Founders Club

Miracles of Capital

EN3 Business Owners Network


Infinity Alliance Global


6.30pm ~ Registration

6.45pm ~ Introduction

7.00pm ~ Content

7.45pm ~ Q&A

8.00pm ~ End

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Thu Apr 14, 2016
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM SGT
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AXA Tower, 8 Shenton Way #B1-06
Free - Incld. snack & drink FULL
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AXA Tower, 8 Shenton Way, #B1-06 Singapore
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